War of Coins Legion

Attention warriors! Are you ready to take your coin-collecting skills to the next level? Join the mighty War of Coins Legion and unlock a world of additional rewards!

What is the War of Coins Legion?

The War of Coins Legion is a community-based program within the War of Coins platform, designed to reward and incentivize members for their participation and contributions. It offers a structured hierarchy of ranks with benefits such as the Trading Profit Bonus. Members can progress through the ranks by referring new members and actively trading on the platform.

Get Started

Access the Legion portal through the Arena sidebar!

Legion Ranks

Make your way to the top! Lead the Legion by becoming a Legatus! Enjoy the benefits and recognition that come with being a valued member of the Legion!

Criteria for Active Legionaries

Upon joining through a referral link, new Legionaries will be considered as regular Legionaries. Once they make their first trade on Arena, they will then be considered to be an “Active Legionary”.

Guide for Rank Promotion

The table below illustrates the minimum number of active referrals required to advance to the next rank. For instance, to rank up from a regular Legionary to Tiro, you must acquire 3 direct referrals. To reach the Optio rank, you will need to either obtain 6 direct referrals or achieve a total of 12 active referrals within your Legion.

Active Referrals Needed to Obtain Rank

Legion Benefits

Trading Profit Bonus

At the end of each dividend cycle, a percentage of the profits made from the liquidity pool is set aside and added to the trading profit bonus pool. The trading profit bonus pool is then distributed based on the trading volume of your Legionaries relative to the War of Coins Arena trading volume, and rewards are allocated according to your referral network size and positions.

Trading Profit Bonus Benefits

The percentages of the profit bonus distribution are based on the Legionary’s contribution amount to the bonus pool as well as your current Legion rank. Each Legionary’s contribution to the bonus pool is proportional to their trading volumes. Reach the highest Legion rank to unlock more rewards.

Token Rewards

When you refer new members to join the War of Coins Legion using your unique referral link, you’ll have the opportunity to rise to the next Legion rank and earn additional War of Coins tokens through our reward programs.

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